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"Social Studies" MIT Technology Review (11-12/2010)

"Mining Human Behavior at MIT" Forbes Magazine (08/12/2010)

"Making Sense of Real-Time Behavior" Communications of the ACM (08/2010).

"Workplace ID badges" CBC Work in Progress Documentary Series (04/23/2010). Interview with Ben Waber [1984 to 2010]

"We can measure the power of charisma" Harvard Business Review (01-02/2010).

"Wearable sensors watch workers" MIT Technology Review (05/13/2009)

"Reading the body language of leadership" Business Week (03/12/2009)

"The truth is, spotting a lie isn't as easy as it looks" The Washington Post (02/15/2009)

"Workplace socializing is productive" Financial Post (12/24/2008)

"You may soon know if you are hogging the discussion" The New York Times (10/26/2008)

"Tuning in to unconscious communication" MIT News (10/21/2008)

"The power of nonverbal communication" The Wall Street Journal (10/20/2008)

"Every move you make" The Economist (08/20/2008)

"Clive Thompson on real-world social networks vs. Facebook friends" Wired Magazine (07/21/2008)

"Get a social life" Nature News (06/30/2008)

"What your cell-phone knows about you" Forbes (05/23/2008)

"TR10: A technology that will change the world" MIT Technology Review (03-04/2008)

"Confidence game" Boston Globe ( 08/17/2008)

"Q&A with Alex Pentland" Boston Globe (03/02/2008)

"Smart badges track human behavior" MIT Technology Review (01/30/2008)

"You might wear computing's next wave" USA Today (10/15/2007)

Press in other languages:

"Media Lab inventa o sociometro" Expresso (11/15/2008)

"L’important n’est pas ce qu’on dit, mais la façon dont on le dit" Techno-Science.net (11/18/2008)

"No se puede mentir en una entrevista" El Pais (11/08/2008)

"Crean un dispositivo capaz de medir el lenguaje no verbal" Tendencias 21 (10/23/2008)

"Des badges sociométriques pour mesurer l'interaction sociale" Techno-Science.net (02/05/2008)

"Um big brother? Parece, mas não é" Negocios (10/15/2007)



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