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The Human Dynamics Lab at the MIT Media Laboratories pioneered the idea of a society enabled by Big Data.   The Lab has developed technologies such as reality mining, which uses mobile phone data to extract patterns that predict future human behavior, a `nervous system’ framework for dramatically more efficient transportation, health, energy, and financial systems, the New Deal on Data policies which are now enshrined in the US Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, and a Trust Network communication architecture that ensures that this new data driven society is secure and fair. 


Science Publications
Edge: Reiventing Society in the Wake of Big Data
American Scientist : To Signal Is Human

Nature: Secret Signals
Computational Social Science
Collective Intelligence

Time Critical Social Mobilization

Harvard Business Review: Breakthrough Ideas
World Economic Forum: 

The New Deal on Data
Personal Data: A New Asset Class

Technology Review: Reality Mining

Robert Wood Johnson: Reality Mining for Health

Business Engineering Publications
Forbes: Mining Human Behavior
Newsweek: A Trillion Points of Data
New York Times: Understanding Conversations
Strategy+BusinessHonest Signals

Entrepreneurship Publications
New York Times: Top Ten Internet Of Things Product
Business Week: World’s Most Intriguing Startups
ABC: Listening For Depression
Financial Times: Entrepreneurship

Technical Publications
Publications and Technical Reports

World Economic Forum 2012
World Economic Forum 2009

Understanding Your Company
Reality Mining
Reality Mining for Health
Honest Signals
Sensible Organizations

Worlds Most Powerful Data Scientists
40th Anniversary of the Internet Grand Challenge

Projects To Get Involved With
Open Source Sensing

Reality Commons

Sociometric Badges
Influence Modeling
Honest Signals


Core Members

Prof. Alex Pentland, Director
Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, Postdoctoral Associate

Joost Bonsen, Lecturer

Dr. John Clippinger, Research Scientist
Dazza Greenwood, Visiting Scientist
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, PhD Candidate

Oren Lederman, MS Candidate
Peter Krafft, MS Candidate
Dr. Bruno Lepri, PhD Fellow
Alejandro Noriega Campero, MS Candidate
Ali S Kamil, MS Candidate
Ankur Mani, PhD Candidate

Wei Pan, PhD Candidate

Dr. Erez Shmueli, Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Vivek K. Singh, Postdoctoral Associate
Brian Sweatt, Software Programmer
Dr. Ben Waber, Visiting Scientist
Guy Zyskind, Research Affiliate


Administrative Contact:

Nicole Freedman

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