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LiveNet Healthcare Applications

Incorporating new healthcare technologies for proactive health and elder care will become a major priority over the next decade, as medical care systems world-wide become strained by the aging boomer population. My thesis will present LiveNet, a flexible distributed mobile system that can be deployed for a variety of proactive healthcare applications. The LiveNet system allows people to receive real-time feedback from their continuously monitored and analyzed health state, as well as communicate health information with care-givers and other members of an individual's social network for support and interaction.

The LiveNet System also opens up the door for long-term continuous monitoring applications for physiological trends that vary slowly with time. This thesis will show how long-term physiology changes can be captured to objectively measure medical treatment and medication efficacy in clinical depressed patients. Likewise, long-term modeling and trending of everyday behavior will be conducted based on simple physiologic and contextual information, demonstrating the possibility of predicting high-level human behavior based solely on ambulatory mobile sensing technology.

The LiveNet system embodies a flexible system infrastructure capable of a variety of individual and group-based context-aware healthcare applications. As the various applications and studies explored in this thesis will demonstrate, there is great promise for this system to be able to allow both individuals and groups of people to manage their health state and support each other more effectively.

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